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Choosing a family law attorney is no easy feat, so it’s essential to have an effective relationship with your lawyer for the best possible outcome in your case. You must select someone who thoroughly assesses each issue and communicates all of the options available to you. Honesty and good communication are key components in creating a strong connection between you and your legal counsel.

At Kimberly Hays Law, our Tulsa-based family law firm is dedicated to providing exceptional legal services to those in and around the area. Our team of experienced attorneys has a wide range of expertise that covers child custody and divorce proceedings, modification matters, guardianship/conservatorship cases as well as enforcement actions. We are here for you every step of your journey through these difficult times. At our firm, we are passionate advocates of your rights. We understand how daunting it can be to navigate the complex legal system and that is why we prioritize empathy to ensure you receive favorable results. Our comprehensive services provide unwavering support throughout every step of your proceedings so you can remain assured that you and your family are always legally protected.

Our team is dedicated to assisting clients in Tulsa with their family law cases, which can often be difficult on an emotional level. We work to understand the sensitivity and privacy of these matters while providing competent representation in the court system. By maintaining a personal touch throughout our services, we ensure that you understand every aspect of what is taking place legally. Additionally, we are always available by phone or email whenever you need us; responsiveness is one of our core values here at Kimberly Hays Law.

Services Offered At Kimberly Hays Law:

  • Divorce
  • Custody Rights, Time-Sharing, and Child Support
  • Support alimony.
  • Asset Division and Debt Division
  • Protective Orders and Domestic Violence Issues

With an impressive portfolio of successful family law cases, Kimberly is a highly skilled attorney who has not only proven her ability to effectively represent clients in various areas of family matters but also excels in other critical realms. For example:

  • Paternity Cases
  • “Contempt of Court” Cases
  • Premarital Agreement
  • Post Decree Modifications
  • Settlement Options
  • Temporary Orders

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