788 Trim Co. is Your Choice for OKC Rent Trimmers!

Running a business in the cannabis industry can be a little intimidating and complicated – that’s why you need to be able to trust your equipment. 788 Trim Co. has everything you could possibly need, with experts there to guide you the whole way through!

Producing quality products for your customers is an essential part of your business. 788 Trim Co. understands this and wants to help you pick out the right machinery and the right tools in order for your to be successful.788 Trim Co.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, no one is better than 788 Trim Co. You shouldn’t hesitate to make 788 Trim Co. your choice for OKC rent trimmers! With a regional office, they are easily accessible and ready to work with you!

Products and Services

Whether you are new to the cannabis industry or just looking to expand your booming business 788 Trim Co. can help. You can choose to rent or buy, hand-trimmers or machine-trimmers, and much, much more. Some of the products and services they offer include:

  • Rental Equipment
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Expert Consulting
  • Machine Purchasing
  • Harvesting Supplies

Learn More About 788 Trim Co.

If you have questions about the type of equipment you need, how to clean and operate your machinery, or even just how to get started – the team at 788 Trim Co. has the knowledge and experience you need. To learn more, call or stop by their store today!

788 Trim Co.

2422 W 41st St.

Tulsa, OK 74107