Blackwood Real Estate is a Commercial Real Estate Broker in Fredericksburg.

Blackwood Real Estate is a commercial real estate broker in Fredericksburg, Virginia, serving the Northern Virginia area. They provide commercial brokerage services, commercial development consulting, both commercial and residential management, and site acquisitions. Blackwood Real Estate is owned and operated by David Blackwood, who has developed an experienced team of real estate professionals.

Purchasing any piece of real estate can be tricky if you are unfamiliar with trends, markets, and negotiations. This is why you hire an experienced real estate broker to help you. They can advise you on the pieces of property you look at and which would be best suited for what you need. They can also represent you during negotiations to ensure your side is heard.

Northern Virginia is a bustling area for businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors. The commercial real estate industry is competitive and plenty. If you’re looking to purchase commercial real estate in Northern Virginia, contact Blackwood Real Estate today.

Areas of Focus

Blackwood Real Estate is your one-stop-shop for investing in commercial real estate. They provide services that cater to every area of the industry. With a team of experienced professionals, they can consult you on purchasing, building, managing, and selling your commercial space. Here is a list of their services:


The commercial management your hire can play a valuable role in how much income your property produces. You want to ensure you hire a team that is experienced in property management. Blackwood Real Estate manages both commercial and residential properties all throughout Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia. By hiring a property management team, you can focus on making passive income while someone else does the work. Contact Blackwood Real Estate today.

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Blackwood Real Estate

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