The Best Dispensary in South Tulsa is Jombos Island Style Dispensary &RX!

Jombos Island Style Dispensary & RX is the best South Tulsa dispensary for customers to find quality products and services.  Jombos is a professional dispensary that offers unique licensed services and products that you can trust. Jombos Island Style Dispensary sets itself apart from another dispensary with its professional and stress-free atmosphere. A south Tulsa favorite, Jombos provides customers with one-on-one appointments with their professionals to ensure the privacy of all medical matters that are discussed. Jombos’ staff prioritizes customers and focuses on ensuring you are cared for and find exactly what you need. No matter what you’re dealing with, from anxiety to chronic pain, Jombos’ team of professionals can help you find relief from symptoms.

When it comes to a great atmosphere and quality cannabis products, Jombos is one of the top dispensaries in South Tulsa. Jombos offers a few services you might be interested in:

Best Dispensary in South Tulsa Areas of Focus:

  • One-on-one appointments
  • Quality Cannabis Products
  • Professional Atmosphere
  • Free Resources
  • Indica Cannabis Products
  • Sativa Cannabis Products
  • Hybrid Cannabis Products

Learn More About Jombos Island Style Dispensary & RX

If you’re interested in using Jombos as your local dispensary, you can check out their information below:



6616 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74133

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