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Wagyu (wah-gyoo) beef – from the Japanese word meaning cow – refers to the tender and flavorful beef that comes from certain breeds of deluxe Japanese cattle. Wagyu cattle are genetically unique and give beef connoisseurs an experience unlike any other high-quality steak. The fat of Wagyu cattle breeds is intramuscular, meaning fat storage is integrated within the muscle, as opposed to on an outer layer. This gives Wagyu beef its most sought-after feature: extensive marbling for melt-in-your-mouth steak any way it’s cooked. 

Oklahoma Wagyu specializes in American Wagyu, a crossbreed between Japanese Wagyu and American Angus. This breed combines the marbling genes from the original Wagyu bulls with Angus’ natural growth ability for producing ‘beyond prime cuts’ that will exceed any other meat you have ever tried before! Experience generations of selective cattle breeding locally with a variety of Oklahoma Wagyu premium beef cuts and products including fresh steaks, hamburger patties, or combos of your favorite Wagyu meats.

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Wagyu Cuts

  • Steak Cuts: Ribeye, KC Strip, Sirloin, Denver, Flat Iron, Chuck Eye, Flank, Skirt
  • Brisket
  • Tri-Tip Roast
  • Ribs
  • Burgers and Ground Beef
  • Smoked Summer Sausage and Cheese Bratwurst (Customer favorite!)

Wagyu Packages

Wagyu Bulk

  • Portions of Eighths, Quarters, and Halves (Reserve Online)

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Operating out of Northeastern Oklahoma, Rucker Ranch is a family-owned farm dedicated to raising the highest-quality natural beef both humanely and sustainably. Oklahoma Wagyu immensely prides itself on the knowledge and values passed down through its generations of ranchers, promising to never use hormones, growth accelerators, or steroids. Taste the Rucker Ranch difference when you try Oklahoma Wagyu’s “beyond prime” beef!

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