Sprayroq Leads the Way in Polyurethane Infrastructure Lining

With over 30 years of experience, Sprayroq continues to provide a top-notch solution for infrastructure rehabilitation and repair. Using their time-tested polyurethane lining solution, Sprayroq proves that you can complete necessary repairs in a way that is both cost-effective and efficient. 

Quickly restore damaged or aging infrastructure to pristine condition using the fast-curing polyurethane lining system that is used by Sprayroq Certified Partners! Their system and solutions allow your facility or municipality to return to normal operations in a timely manner.

Sprayroq products are regularly used to restore critical infrastructure in many markets. Some of the markets that benefit from their partnership with Sprayroq include wastewater facilities, electrical plants, refineries, paper mills, chemical plants, transportation, municipalities, and more.

A team of expert engineers ensures that the Sprayroq system and products remain the best on the market. If you are interested in how Sprayroq can improve your failing infrastructure, learn more here

Areas of Focus

Sprayroq leads the way, offering top-of-the-line structural rehabilitation solutions for infrastructure in both the private and public sectors. Listed below are just a few of the many areas in which they specialize:

Sprayroq Contact Information

You can learn more about the way Sprayroq is changing the manner in which we approach structural rehabilitation using the information listed below.


4766 Grantswood Road, Suite 150

Irondale, AL 35210

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