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Documents for Tax PreparationAt Tom Zeiders Tax Attorney, we understand that your tax situation has likely left you feeling as if there was no hope. Rest assured, there is no such thing as a hopeless tax problem!

Our Tulsa-based tax attorney team is passionate about defending the rights of taxpayers like yourself.

Whether you are experiencing challenges with individual or small business taxes, our Tulsa tax attorneys are ready to serve you!


How can we help with your tax needs?

Depending on your unique set of circumstances, there may be several viable options for achieving tax resolution once and for all! When you contact the Tom Zeiders Tax Attorney team, we will discuss your situation in-depth, determining which course of action will provide you with an optimal outcome.

Some of the most common routes toward tax resolution include:

  • Offer In Compromise: This allows you to pay a portion of the taxes you owe to the IRS. We have seen great success with this method, with acceptance by the IRS rising from 22% to over 40%.

  • Installment Agreements: This payment plan allows the taxpayer to pay their debt to the IRS in manageable installments. Through careful negotiation, we will arrive at an agreement that is both fair and manageable.

  • IRS Audit Representation: Nothing is more intimidating than the IRS audit process. Our team will help you gather the necessary information and present this documentation in the best way possible.

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