Termite infestations are no laughing matter. This infestation can damage or destroy elements of your home. They might also create new issues such as the termite nest being highly allergic.

If it gets into the ventilation system, some of the soldier termites may sting or bite. We’ll need to figure out how to kill the termites.

Tulsa Termite Control Is Tulsa’s Best Quality Termite Exterminator

Termite treatment is difficult, since they may enter unnoticed. To ensure that termites never break in without warning, your home or business must be inspected for pest control every year.

Tulsa Mosquito Control technicians are well-trained and equipped for termite treatment and prevention. They are committed to keeping your property safe from termite damage. 

Tulsa Termite Control’s Area Of Focus


Tulsa Mosquito Control uses a team of expert specialists. They will create a plan based on your demands and the degree of termite infestation. Tulsa Mosquito Control treats the infestation. They also offer pre-treating services for both new and existing houses before they get infested.


The Tulsa Termite Control focus is:

Sentricon® Termite Baiting System

New Construction Treatment

  • The Tulsa Mosquito Control professionals take the necessary precautions to minimize the chance of termite infestation in your new home.
  • We also give post-construction treatment to assist you to keep termites out of your property.

Moisture Control

  • Termites are attracted to moist locations. That is where the team can add moisture barriers and making spaces a termite may live in less pleasant is one way to deter these pests.

Vent Wells

  • We can also help you install vents that open and close according to the weather.



  • They can also add annual monitoring of the system.

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