Who is Vernon Twyman?| Ventures 7000

Vernon Twyman is an American citizen who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ventures 7000, Inc. He has also lived and worked professionally in the Philippines for 54 years.

Vernon has been a businessman since 1972 and has extensive experience in starting and managing companies. He is a graduate of the University of Tulsa, with degrees in Business Administration and Finance, as well as having specialized studies in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Vernon’s passion for business led him to create Ventures 7000, Inc., an entrepreneurial business development firm that works with start-up businesses in various industries. Ventures 7000 provides assistance and expertise to entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their business ideas, providing resources such as market research and consulting services.

How Does Vernon Twyman Help?

Vernon Twyman’s company Ventures 7000 focuses on treasure recovery in The Phillippines. The Philippine government only allows a handful of companies to do this type of work, and Ventures 7000 is one of the few that are permitted to legally be in The Phillippines unearthing the hidden treasure. Vernon Twyman has been exploring the uncharted territories of The Philippines, uncovering ancient coins and artifacts. He is an expert in finding potential treasures that have gone unnoticed over time.

Vernon Twyman is also an advocate for development projects in The Phillippines. His company provides support to local businesses by helping them gain access to the resources they need for growth and success.

In addition, Vernon supports various causes in The Philippines such as providing aid for victims of natural disasters and supporting charities that promote education and medical assistance. Vernon has been able to help countless individuals and organizations through his company.

Learn More About Vernon Twyman And Ventures 7000

To find out further information about this special venture, you can find their contact details below:

Address: 7707 E 111th St Ste 103 Tulsa, OK 74133

Phone #: (539) 777-1335

Website: http://ventures7000.com